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Best Localization Practices For Global Clinical Trials

There are many good reasons for running clinical trials across various countries. For example, some countries may be able to recruit participants faster than others; or the trial could focus on a rare health event, such as the zika virus, making it necessary to enroll many centers in various locations, each one recruiting just a few patients to curb the duration of the trial.

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3 Essentials for Linguistic Validation in Life Science Translation Projects

LQA (Language Quality Assessment) is an important step within any translation and localization workflow, but it is a vital step when it comes to the life science and health sectors. In this case, it is labeled as linguistic validation and it consists of investigating the reliability, conceptual equivalence, and content validity of translations of patient-reported outcome measures. Translation of information about medical devices, treatment drugs, vaccines and more, must be carefully validated to make sure that it is correct and, most importantly, that consumers can fully understand it.

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