I can help you devise a general terminology policy and learn how to use the correct terminology to attain substantial savings in content production and translation costs.

Reserve your time slot to talk about…

  • Designing and setting up your own terminology system
  • Managing your terminology accurately and precisely   
  • Sourcing the right terminology-management tool
  • Redesigning your terminology method

 So, let’s talk.

All you have to do is:

1. Fill in the form and indicate three date options. Please, refer to CET/CEST Amsterdam/Paris/Rome.
2. You can book 1 or more hours.
3. Describe the topic you want to discuss.
4. Allow me 48 hrs (tops) to get back with a final date for our meeting.

Once we’ve set a date and time to work together, I’ll send you a payment request via PayPal, together with a Zoom link for our meeting.

The hourly fee is Eur 80, + VAT (billable). CAT does not apply to companies outside of the Netherlands.

Together, we can make your business even more competitive.


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