Why me

Experience counts

My experience of 25 years and counting in the translation industry is the soundest base to start from in your global journey. Whatever your translation & localization needs, I will personally accompany you, if necessary with a little help from my partners.

Take a sneak peek at my service offering and feel free to contact me to schedule a meeting, in person or virtual, to discuss how we can work together.

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Custom translation

Have you ever thought of translation as a suit? You can buy one in the shop of a global chain. It could fit you, but not be cheap; or it could be flawed and require rework. You can tailor it yourself or you can call on me and have the right solution, at the right time, at an affordable price. Most importantly, you will never deal with an anonymous pool of strangers, but with a real person who is only a phone call away. And you can always have your “suit” readjusted, if necessary. Read more.

Copywriting and editing services

Multilingual authoring

To be effective in different cultures, content should be developed with translatability in mind. When this is not possible, editing could represent a good alternative. Along with (web-)writing, you can also request my services for editing, proofreading, SEO and terminology. In any case, you will have the nuances appropriate to the country and culture of your choice. Read more.



Have you ever thought of setting up a department on your own to deal with the challenges of globalization? When it comes to training people in multilingual communication, a human touch is vital, and together with my partners, I can provide you with any relevant training you need, online or on-site. Read more.

Linguistic consultancy


If your organisation has its own translation departments, you can call on me and/or my partners to share our knowledge and experience in the fields of business writing, translation, terminology and all the relevant localization technology. Read more.


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