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Post-editing of machine translation

machine translation post-editingTechnology and the cloud are changing the way in which companies across the world do business today. The localisation and translation industry is no exception and in recent years we have witnessed the rise of machine translation.

Global companies can no longer disregard the benefits of using machine translation in terms of speed to market and cost effectiveness. There are numerous advantages of developing an in-house machine translation engine, but in order to get it right, you need to train your team in mastering both the technology and the post-editing phase.

For effective post-editing training a real expert is necessary who can guide your staff from MT basics and project setup to linguistic issues, from data preparation to negotiation and compensations.

Whatever technology platform your company chooses, I can train you and your team in post-editing best practices to ensure that you are utilising the technology to the fullest and give you sound advice on how to overcome challenges that can arise when working in post-editing on a day-to-day basis.

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Terminology servicesWith the increasing complexity of the world and the available technologies, terminology plays a crucial role in knowledge transfer. The more technical the field, the more critical the adoption of the right vocabulary becomes. The wrong terminology can have negative effects on your business which can result in financial and legal consequences. As such a well developed and managed terminology database is a vital asset.

Terminology certificationI can train you and your staff to start running a terminology policy as well as implement and manage a corporate terminology database to obtain substantial savings in content production and translation costs.

I can also help you develop a controlled language to improve readability, understanding, indexability and translatability of content, and maxime time terminology management certificationand cost efficiency.

For more on terminology, machine translation and post-editing, download my free document “Did you know that…?”

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