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You accurately design your content, follow the best practices of writing, scrub any cultural references away, get rid of embedded strings and graphics, and yet it does not work outside your country.
This is where I can help you.

Best practices

Language consultingAre you actually following content optimization practices for all your content? Nowadays you can provide much more than the traditional technical documentation to your customers. Many new content types have emerged. Also, content has a shorter and shorter lifespan: Agile is today’s mantra.

I can help you discover and implement best practices for your organisation’s long-term success and return on investment. I can assist you to organize an editorial team, whether in-house or outsourced, and make authoring an integral part of your development lifecycles.

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Terminology database development & management

Terminology servicesI can help you manage and use the correct terminology, and guide you in maximizing the effectiveness of your content.

As well as helping your editorial team to select the right terms for any concepts and make your communication unique, making your content easily findable while using the correct terminology will improve the accuracy and clarity of message, thus protecting you from negative financial and legal consequences.

By using the correct terminology you will also attain substantial savings in content production and translation costs, resulting in reduced time to market.

I can help you design and set up your own terminology system. By implementing and manage a terminology platform, all terms will be ready for use.

For more on terminology, feel free to download “Did you know that…?”, a collection of facts, insights and suggestions about terminology (but also about machine translation and post-editing).


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Controlled Language Development

writing service With a terminology platform in place, you can comfortably develop your own controlled language, with limited vocabulary and simplified grammar to help writers avoid long, drawn-out sentences and using undesired terms, making readability and understanding even easier.

A controlled language will also help cut translation times and costs by reducing the number of words in source content, improving content consistency thus allowing re-use. Also, the higher consistency of the source content will maximize the effects of any translation technologies, from translation memories to machine translation.


Project management

translation project management Without a solid project management procedure in place, your translation department will not perform efficiently and it could potentially cost your company more time and money.  I will help your organisation select the right tools, the right team of translators, create clear guidelines, prepare and set up your terminology database, quality assurance and more.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further questions.


Cheat Sheet for Translation Project Management