Content is (still) king.

ConsultancyYou accurately design your content, follow the best practices of writing, scrub any cultural references away, get rid of embedded strings and graphics, and yet it does not work outside your country.

This is where I can help you.

Are you actually following content optimization practices for all your content? Nowadays you can provide much more than the traditional technical documentation to your customers. Many new content types have emerged. Also, content has a shorter and shorter lifespan: Agile is today’s mantra.

I can help you with:

Machine translation. Optimize your machine-translation strategy and approach.
Post-editing of machine translation. Define an efficient post-editing strategy.
Terminology. Devise a terminology management policy.
Vendor and project management. Develop a solid project management procedure.


So, let’s talk.

All you have to do is:

1. Fill in the form and indicate three date options. Please, refer to CET/CEST Amsterdam/Paris/Rome.
2. You can book 1 or more hours.
3. Describe the topic you want to discuss.
4. Allow me 48 hrs (tops) to get back with a final date for our meeting.

Once we’ve set a date and time to work together, I’ll send you a Zoom link for our meeting, together with a payment request via PayPal.

The hourly fee is Eur 80, + VAT (billable). VAT does not apply if your company is registered outside of the Netherlands.

Together, we can make your business even more competitive.


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