[Review] A Full-Color Snapshot of the Translation Technology Landscape

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Globalization of trade, social media, news and politics expose not only businesses but also consumers, governments and NGOs to audiences speaking in many different languages.  In this respect translation technology is becoming better and better at helping us lowering the language barriers. But how does it do this?

Enter the TAUS Translation Technology Report. The first edition of this Report was published three years ago, in 2013. But nowadays, in the translation industry, three calendar years are the equivalent of three light-years, because almost every month – if not every week – we are overwhelmed by new tools, platforms and solutions entering the market with the promise of a faster, more cost-efficient and productive translation workflow (and, therefore, cheaper translations).

The TAUS Translation Technology Report presents a clear overview of this motley and dynamic sector to help translation practitioners (be it LSPs, translators, translation buyers or consultants) to explore the various options and select the right translation technology for their company, for their clients or for a specific project.

The Report consists of three main sections:

–       Past, Present, and Future of Translation Technology –  A panoramic view of the evolution of the translation technology sector within a time frame of six decades.

–       Translation Technology Categories – An attempt to bring order in the chaotic translation technological landscape, by identifying the main tech categories based on three criteria: recognizability, target groups, and usage.

–       Back to the future –  An assessment of the five main trends that will move the translation industry forward: the cloud, the datafication of translation, neural machine translation, quality evaluation and speech-to-speech translation.

In addition to these three sections, the TAUS Translation Technology Report contains an infographic of the categories discussed and over 80 technology profiles.

The Report can be used both as an introduction and as a reference work, a full-color snapshot (and not only because of the spiffy technicolor cover) of the translation industry.

TAUS members can download the Report for free. For non-members, the price is set to €200.


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