[Book Review] Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology

RoutledgeEdited by Professor Sin-Wai Chan (Department of Translation at The Chinese University of Hong Kong), the Routledge Encylopedia of Translation Technology is an ideal resource for students, new translators who are looking for background information, and researchers.

The Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive historical view of translation technology from 1967 to 2013, and covers  computer-assisted translation, machine translation in all its flavors, translation memory, terminology management, as well as specific topics like computational linguistics, corpora, and concordancing.

The contributors are the best-known experts of the translation industry, like Prof. Alan K. Melby (Bitext, Translation Memory), Dr Ignacio Garcia (Computer-Aided Translation Systems), Sue Ellen Wright (Translation Memory) and Kara Warburton  (Terminology Management).  There also chapters describing the national and regional developments of translation technology.

Both the paper and the e-book editions are quite pricey. If reading for a long time on your computer screen doesn’t bother you or if you’re only after information on a very specific topic or technology, Google Books offers a searchable preview.

If you are looking for a more commercial view on the broad topic of translation technology, you might want to consider the TAUS Translation Technology Landscape.


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