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#SmartReads on the Translation Industry 1-2018.

  • Downloads Galore

    During the Christmas break, I took some time to write a couple of documents. They were meant initially for my clients, but after feedback from some colleagues, I’ve decided to make them widely available.

    First of all, I put together a Cheat Sheet on translation project management because, despite today’s most sophisticated translation management systems, it still pays to take the basics into account. You can download the Cheat Sheet here. 

    Also, in the last four years I have been giving webinars and workshops on terminology, CAT tools, machine translation and post-editing for translators. I always try to anticipate any possible questions, but in few cases I was caught by surprise. It won’t happen again. :-)  I collected the answers to the most meticulous questions I received in a document with the title Did you know that…?.

    Do you believe in translation niches? Me, not so much. I think there are a few direct clients who are willing to pay a reasonable rate for translation services, but sooner or later most companies will want to save money. I do believe in diversification, though, i.e. offering various language-related services, and in differentiation, i.e. offering various levels of service, for example for translation projects. Do you want to read more about it? Download Being cheap is not enough and let me know what you think.


  • A Decade in the History of the Translation Industry

    Two books about the last decade of the translation industry caught my eye lately. The first, Translation Matters, is a collection of articles and notes written by Jost Zetzsche centered mainly around the various aspects and issues faced by translators. The second book – available in various formats (almost) for free – is by consultant Luigi Muzii and it’s titled Upstream: The everyday observation of the translation industry from an overly critical standpointBoth volumes provide much needed food-for-thought on language, translation technology, innovation etc., because, let’s be honest, sometimes we need to dwell in the past a little longer to get the future right.





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#SmartReads on the Translation Industry

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