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Terminology 101: How to Choose Your Terminology Sources

We don’t give the internet enough credit for all that it does for us. From fake news, to unreliable shoddy sources, the World Wide Web has opened up a veritable labyrinth of sources, and it can be hard to know which to trust. The quest to find terminological sources can be equally fraught. How can you possibly know which are reliable and which aren’t? First, you must know what makes a source reliable and then develop a checklist to help you pick the right terminology sources.

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Setting up your source files for translation

Setting up your source files for translation

Writing for translation means first of all setting up the source text so that translation or localization can take place without a hitch.

What follows are a few attention points that will help you set up your source content and prepare it for translation and localization.

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A Checklist for Translation Vendor Management

we’d like to expand here the vendor manager role as centered around three main tasks: 1) Finding and selecting the resources best suited for a project; 2) Vetting and recruiting them; 3) Updating the vendor base on a regular basis

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diversification of translation services

A Diversification Strategy for Your Translation Business

In business, diversification can apply both to services and products. Choosing to concentrate on a single product or a single service is a good strategy in the beginning. A startup can concentrate its energy on doing one thing to the best of its ability. But when a company starts to grow, there will be many opportunities to add products and/or services, acquire new clients and enter new markets.

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