[Newsletter] #SmartReads on the #Translation Industry – 2017

#SmartReads on the Translation Industry is a digest of interesting, popular or unusual articles and news on…

  • Translation & Localisation
  • Translation Technology
  •  Terminology
  • Language & Communication

… and other facets of the translation and localisation industry.



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#SmartReads 2017-2 – Facts, Fiction and Terminology

#SmartReads 2017- 3 – Controlled Languages and Translators’ Training

#SmartReads 2017-4 – Translation Marketplaces and Translators’ Training (2nd part)

#SmartReads 2017-5 – Translation Hypes & Trends

#SmartReads 2017-6 – The Summer Edition

#SmartReads 2017-7 – A Translator’s New Best Friend

#SmartReads 2017-8 – The Post-Summer Holiday Issue

#SmartReads 2017-9 – The Future

#SmartReads 2017-10 – The last issue of 2017


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