With more than 25 years’ experience in the translation industry, whatever your translation & localization needs, Isabella Massardo and her team will personally accompany you on your global journey.


Our Services

Custom translation

Whether you need an Italian translator for a document, certified translation, a website or even a video script, I can provide the highest quality of service. I specialise in translating English and Dutch into Italian, and vice versa. I will give your text the nuances appropriate to its intended audience.

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Editing & Copywriting

My editing and copywriting services include proofreading, writing for the web and SEO, copywriting of texts specific to the Italian market and editing of user manuals. All content is fine-tuned for accuracy of message specific to your target audience.

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Whether you are a private, a professional, an educational institution, or a corporate customer, together with my partners, I offer training on machine translation post-editing and terminology.  The training can take place online or on-site, always with that human touch that makes the difference.

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A service dedicated to organisations who have in-house translation departments. I can share with you my knowledge and experience of working with and marketing to the Italian market. This consultancy package includes translation environment implementation, technical writing, terminology database development and management.

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Specialist Fields

I hold over two decades of experience in a wide range of business, legal and scientific materials. i fully understand the importance of acronyms and terminology specific to your market sector. Whether you’re looking translate a brochure, a contract, a technical manual, a medical publication, business correspondence, or a website, you can rely on me to deliver upon your expectations.

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Isabella and her team of native translators are highly qualified in many foreign language disciplines, in particular English, Dutch and Italian. They are also trained and experienced in the terminology in a variety of specialists fields. We also hold a trusted network of multi-lingual professionals in the areas of marketing, public relations, training and more.

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News & Updates

[#SmartReads 2-2018] What’s coming

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Mar 27, 2018

Hello, Here it is: #SmartReads 2-2018 on the Translation Industry. I skipped the February newsletter because there are few interesting things in the pipeline. I am going to write about them very soon. For the time being I am going to give you just one small sneak...

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Best of Translation Fun –

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Jan 26, 2018

#SmartReads on the Translation Industry 1-2018. Downloads Galore During the Christmas break, I took some time to write a couple of documents. They were meant initially for my clients, but after feedback from some colleagues, I’ve decided to make them widely...

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[Newsletter] #SmartReads on the #Translation Industry – 2017

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Dec 17, 2017

#SmartReads on the Translation Industry is a digest of interesting, popular or unusual articles and news on… Translation & Localisation Translation Technology  Terminology Language & Communication … and other facets of the translation and localisation...

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Starting Up

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Oct 10, 2017

I live in Amsterdam, the city that prides itself not only for its “live and let live” mentality and for having been a location for Sense8, but also for being iCapital, i.e. the European Capital of Innovation 2016. Tesla, Netflix, Optimizely and NextDoor have the...

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[Interview] What Writers Can Learn from Watching MasterChef

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Sep 13, 2017

Lisa Friedman is a well-known writer and writing instructor in the Netherlands. In 2003, she founded the Amsterdam Writing Workshops for writers of fiction and nonfiction. In 2010, she formed the Institute for Business Writing to serve people who write in the...

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[Guest Post] The Need For MT Evaluation

Posted by Isabella Massardo on Aug 30, 2017

After I published my review of Slate Desktop few weeks ago, I received some interesting comments. Specifically my statement If you’re a translator who works with texts that are not confidential, your best bet would be to choose Google Translate (of course, it also...

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