Linguistic consultancyDiscover & implement best practices for your organisations long-term success and return on investment.

A service dedicated to companies who have in-house translation departments. Isabella and her team are on hand to share with you her knowledge and experience of working with and marketing to foreign markets.

Isabella and her will guide you and your organisation in best practices for setting up or improving the effectiveness of your localisation and translation department. Simple, yet knowledgeable, choices made at the outset can have a significant impact on your company’s resources, resulting in long-term financial, personnel and timing savings.  Some of the areas in which Isabella offers consultancy services include:


  • Terminology Database Development & Management

Terminology servicesTerminology is the study of terms and their use within a specialist field. The more technical the field, the more critical the adoption of the right vocabulary becomes. The wrong terminology can have negative effects on your business which can result in financial and legal consequences. As such a well developed and managed terminology database is a vital asset. Through a well-managed corporate terminology database, you will experience a number of benefits such as:

o   Savings in production and translation costs, resulting in reduced time to market: all terms, acronyms, forbidden and accepted translation are pre-approved and ready to be used in your database.

o   Easier edition and revision of documents.

o   Consistency of translation and terminology resulting in a higher quality of content.

o   Increased clarity of message.

o   Avoidance of errors and possible legal and financial consequences.

o   Increased customer satisfaction.


  • Project Management  

Project ManagementProject management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Without a solid project management procedure in place, your translation department will not perform efficiently and could potentially cost your company more time and money. Isabella will help your company select the right tools, the right team of translators, create clear guidelines, prepare and set up your terminology database, quality assurance and more.


  • Controlled Language Development

Controlled languageA controlled language is a restricted form of a natural language, such as English or Italian, with simplified grammar rules and limited vocabulary. These rules and limitations help writers avoid long, drawn-out sentences and using uncommon words, all of which make ease of readability and understanding next to impossible.

Using a controlled language will help streamline the translation of documentation in terms of time and cost efficiency, most especially in the medical and technical fields. There are four distinct benefits of implementing a controlled language environment:

o   Reduction of the number of terminology-related queries from translators, which in turn speeds up the translation process.

o   Source texts across documents become more consistent and structured, allowing the re- use of existing translations, thus reducing costs.

o   Reduction in the number of words in source texts which saves time and reduces the costs of translation.

o   Due to the better structure and consistency of source texts, language software technologies such as translation memories and machine translation can be taken advantage to the fullesmarketingt.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and learn more about our consultancy services, please get in touch to arrange a one-to-one call with us.